Man Brilliantly Takes Pictures With Superheroes And Its Way Too Hilarious

Wire Hon is a Malaysian Marvel Universe and DC Comics enthusiasts who collect various figurines of heroes. These famous characters are not real. But for Wire Hon, there's no such thing as that. These heroes are very much real if you look at them from the right angle. Yes, literally the right angle. Wire Hon has the hobby (and talent!) to use his smartphone to pictures of the figurines as if they are communicating with him. Some even showed Wire Hon doing the meme that we all know! It's definitely a unique way to show your love towards your hobby but also to make other people jealous of your special companions!

Really, it's just a matter of your photography skills and creativity. Or maybe loneliness... No, we're joking, but it will probably trigger some of you lonely guys out there. You are warned!

More info: Instagram

#1 Introducing Wire Hon, the creative photographer.

#2 It takes him 5 inches tall figurine to make these incredible shots.


#3 And his own smartphone camera.

#4 Resulting into these amazing pictures.

#5 This is the Wire Hon squad (yes, I made that up.)

#6 Hope you enjoy his creative and funny collections!


#7 Aww, thank you for washing his underwear! We've always wondered, though.

#8 My gf, Me. That hot chick. The Meme.

#9 These people befitting the role of helpers. They are so strong!

#10 Deadpool expressing his artistic side.