This Amazing White Temple In Thailand Where You Can Experience Both Heaven And Hell

There are so many amazing things to see in Thailand and that's the reason it is the destination for a dream vacation. Right from beautiful beaches, cheap dining and endless nightlife the country attracts thousands of people and from all over the globe every year. Among all these, there is Wat Rong Khun mostly known as The White Temple of Thailand. Chalermchai Kositpipat, the creator of the temple built it with a very simple idea in mind as he wanted to create something extraordinary. And well, he achieved what he wanted! You won't see any other simple yet an incredible place like this Thailand's White Temple, Wat Rong Khun. It's a blend of both heaven and hell together.  

As you enter the white temple you will see a cluster of desperate hands. This shows the human cravings and an endless pit of desires and depicts hell. When you cross the bridge over the hell, you will enter the part that depicts heaven. There are statues of the heaven guardians. If you think you can turn back from there then you're wrong. You need to move forward as the guards won't allow you to go backward. The symbolism of crossing the bridge from hell to heaven signifies the Buddhist path to enlightenment. The inside of the White temple is traditional Buddhist images intertwined with modern cultural references. This temple seems to possess a life of its own. 

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This here is the toilet of the White Temple. It's painted in gold as it shows the human greed for perishable and material things.