19 Times People Took Their Hobbies To The Next Level

We all or let's say most of the people out there has some kind of a hobby or a thing that they are particularly fond of. Sometimes these things turn out to be so amazing that all you can do is praise it. And well, that’s how the world’s most interesting collections are born. 

The people on this list have taken their hobbies to a whole new level. All you need is the passion to turn your hobbies into something unique and you can inspire others to develop the skills required for the things that we really like to do. For instance, making a comic bouquet or being so obsessed with Chemistry that you write the periodic table on the bathroom walls or maybe making a city of staple pins. 

Have a look at the list of people who took their hobbies to a whole new level!


#1 An epic prom dress

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#2 “Surprised the kids tonight with some feetloaf.”

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#3 Never trust the pictures you see on social media

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#4 “So my daughter did this to her shower. She’s sort of into chemistry.”

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#5 “My mom’s cross stitch project took over a year to finish.”

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#6 A collection of dead lighters

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#7 She looks badass

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#8 “I like to paint tiny cats.”

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#9 This man's dice collection

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#10 “This Pac-Man decor made out of Rubik’s cubes”

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