Artist Create Battle Dogs From Different Dog Breeds And Here're The Results

And we're not just talking about barking and biting dogs. This man thinks beyond that. He thinks of dogs who march and shoots arrows, slash and hack with giant swords, tricks foes with the smartest schemes. Yes, with an Instagram account, bloodynik_art, he manages to create a whole new world with a pack of well-trained dogs. He uploaded his creations and people were living what they saw.

Those were buds of potentially great future. All began when he thought "What if dogs turn into centaurs?" This simple, yet creative idea allowed him and Punga Miniatures to work on a D&D project, called 'The Deck of Many'. There were more ideas coming up with this and soon, all of the use might have dogs that cast hex curses and trade items! Interested? Scroll down for his artworks and check out his IG for new upcoming works!

More info: Instagram