Mom Crochets Halloween Costumes For Her Kids And It's Ridiculously Cool

Halloween has almost arrived and most of you must have already decided your costumes. But unlike others, this mom from Ohio takes her costumes that are homemade to a whole new level, thanks to her crochet skills. Stephanie Pokorny of Mentor, Ohio, crochets costumes for her kids, Jacob who is 6, and 4 years old Jack. Over the last few years, she has made her sons costumes of Harry Potter, Papa Smurf, Garden Gnome, E.T. and many more. 

Stephanie said "Our family is absolutely obsessed with all things Halloween and so each year I freehand crochet fully body costumes, with no pattern, for my children. Sometimes they are from classic 80s movies, other times from whatever movie or toy is popular at the time."

"We live in a cold climate, so the warmth from the crochet is always a plus as we go Trick or Treating. Each costume takes between 25-40 hours and I tend to work on them over the course of about 2 weeks. I have been crocheting since I was 16. I was taught by my GrandmaRidiculouslyand it is truly my passion," she added.

Aside from the attention, she gets online, the kids’ costumes are big hits when they go trick-or-treating. Pokorny said people have gone up to the boys and asked to take photos of their crocheted looks.

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