An Illustrator From Ukraine Shows What Disney Princesses Social Media Photos Would Look Like

These days when social media is everywhere , All your good moments ( even bad ones), your good looks, and even mood swings are supposedly useless and incomplete until you take a picture and upload that picture on your social medial profiles so that people in your social circle can see it.

Today’s post is a hilarious portrayal of how all the Disney princesses would have behaved had they been present in this era. Listed below are 24 hilarious pictures, some of them have their princess posing alongside them, so find out your favorite Disney princess and see how would have she looked in these social medial times. 

These amazing photos were created by Daria an amazing illustrator from Ukraine. you can learn more about his work on the following links: Instagram | Youtube


1 Snow White

2 Hey do you love to cook? I do it only when I have good mood and inspiration!


3 You deserve a love that is pure and passionate! Do not settle for anything less that!

4 To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything

5 Meet Moana and carbs!

6 Rapunzel - Tangled


7 Tangled

8 Meet Moana! Bikini Version!

9 Tag your bestie!

10 Rapunzel - Tangled