25+ Times People Had Hilariously Genius Ideas That Will Make You Think 'Hey, That Could Actually Work '

History is awash with examples of incredible discoveries, inventions and innovations that we take for granted today, but were widely mocked as crazy when they first came to light. Maybe, just maybe, there is future genius hidden in some of these ideas, taken from the subreddit CrazyIdeas.

I mean, who thought that injecting people with a benign form of disease to immunize them was a good idea at first? Or putting wings on a tube and attempting to fly in it? Absolute madness!

What we have here is a list a crackpot ideas that nobody could ever take seriously. Or could they? Some are undoubtedly just stupid and funny, others are actually rather insightful. There is even the odd nugget of genius where you think “hey, that could actually work!”



Everytime Congress gives themselves a raise, they have to raise the minimum wage by the same percentage


If someone is falsely convicted for rape, and later found not guilty and freed, the person who wrongfully testified against them should spend the same time in prison as the wrongfully convicted.


Siri and Alexia should only work if you say “please” and “thank you”. This could improve people’s manners to each other.


Poaching is only illegal if you use a weapon. If you think you can take a rhino or a lion with your bare hands, go ahead.


A 'none of the above' option in elections. If that option wins, the election is reheald with all new candidates.


Everyday, hang the Mona Lisa in a different part of the Louvre. That way people might take the time to look at the other paintings while they search for it.



Make Stevie Wonder a judge on 'The Voice' so every audition is a true blind audition.


Next time the United Airlines CEO has a restaurant reservation, allow him to take his seat, then shortly thereafter tell him he must give up his table for restaurant employees and take a later reservation as he has been involuntarily bumped. Film the fit he has and then call the police.


A self-driving car made by Google that has an 'I'm feeling lucky' button that would take you to a random location.