Artist Illustrates The Intense Feelings Of Love And Closeness That You Can Feel


The soft, fleshy feel of your earlobes reminds me of a baby’s delicate, velvety skin Making them one of my favorite parts of you

I like where you are, beneath my gaze


Sometimes, when I’m standing above you-I like where you are, beneath my gaze

When I wrap you in my embrace, I can feel your heart beat against mine. When their rhythms start to perfectly align, it’s like the timelines of your life and mine converge

Tranquil morning

Feeling the soft tempo of your affection converging on the tip of your nose


The magical touch

Your gazes trace my outline to linger on the curve of my waist. Making my skin quiver, my heart flutter

Fifty shades of grey 2018 Movie poster

Do you know what a nose kiss means?