15+ Street Wall Art By Dran That Openly Criticizes Social Injustices

The society at large is engulfed in grand issues and challenges that affect all humans at large, pertaining to human behaviors, conflicts, gender inequalities and economic disparities. On that note, it’s pretty obvious that the world is pretty much screwed up! The gap between the haves and have not’s is skyrocketing and various acts of intolerance seem to be elevating in many countries.

The science as to why the social injustices occur and how humans purposefully hurt themselves or others still baffles many but it is clearly evident that society shapes social issues which in turn shape the society in what become a merry go round of causes and their fatalities.

The images below try to shed a light on the why’s and how’s of the daily societal injustices, the role of the media and power of authority among other social issues.


#1. its the little things that bring happiness.

#2.The starving painter.


#3. Contradictions of the modern world.

#4. over-consumption and waste

#5.the societal sexual imbalance

#6. conditioning of children's minds


#7. Burden of education.

#8. creative restricted minds..

#9. loss of freedom of expression.

#10.maybe the earth will end us before we do.