Photographer highlights the creepiness of abandoned leisure parks in powerful series

 Italian photographer, Stephano Cerio continuously fascinates his fans by exploring amusement parks minus the audience. Through his series, ‘Chinese fun’ he visits leisure parks and entertainment areas during off-season snapping away the absurd creepiness that engulfs these spots when their patrons are not around.

Cerio focuses on water landscapes, sports grounds, and amusement parks in a background of grey skies. His photography was taken in the four cities of china, shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Qing Dao. Speaking about his work, the veteran photographer emphasized the theme of representation in which it solely focuses on; “exploring the boundary line between vision, recounting the real and the spectator’s horizon of expectation, [and] the staging of a possible reality that might not be true but is at least plausible.” Take a look at his marvelous work below.