Astonishing Pictures Of Kids Posing With Huge Grizzly Bear Takes Over The Internet

Astonishing pictures have emerged of a grizzly 50-pound bear playing with children in a forest in Moscow. The snaps feature youngster cuddling up to the ferocious animal oblivious of any danger. The bear named Stephan is tamed and is apparently very harmless according to its adoptive parents Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko, a Russian couple.

The bear was taken in at the tender age of three months after it was found in the forest has lost its mother. It has since then been part of the family, being inducted into the human society until now when it is really sociable. Adopting a towering bear comes with its own challenges, the beast gobbles up a daily ration of four stone of fish, vegetables, and eggs a feat the adoptive family doesn’t complain about.

Photographer Olga Barantseva, who took the astonishing pictures, said: The bear is really friendly. He loves hugging people. He's just like a very big dog.


Child cuddling up with a bear, oblivious to any danger

The friendly bear that loves hugging people


Stephan was adopted by a Russian couple at a tender age

He is so tame, he poses with young children for pictures

He has no issues with piggy backing

Every little girl wants a big teddy bear, a live one is even better


He's got so many talents and loves picnic

Stefan loves cuddling up for pictures

He even accepts a basket of flowers offered if to him

He has even been known to help out at home


Source: Dailymail