'Queen Of The Dark' Turns Down Suggestion By Uber Driver To 'Bleach' Her Ultra Dark Skin

Dark is beautiful, Seems like the world is yet to end its obsession with lighter skin. One model Nyakim Gatwech from South Sudan has taken upon herself to fight societal conformations against melanin. With her deeply tanned skin, she continuously breaks the conventional in the modeling industry, encouraging others to follow suit.

The 24-year-old fashion model living in Minneapolis, Minnesota is proud of her melanin and has no second thoughts flaunting for the whole world to see. To show just how much the world embraces dark, her Instagram pictures get more than 10,000 likes each. In one of her captions, she explains how an Uber driver did not like what he saw and even went ahead to advise her to ‘bleach’ her skin. She, however, laughed it off.

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Queen of the dark

Black is bold and beautiful, black is gold

Gatwech is not only a fashion icon, she is also known to advocate for black rights around the globe

Thanks to her raw melanin, she’s even named ‘queen of the dark’ a title she happily beholds

She represents a society deeply enriched in its culture not willing to compromise her true self for nothing

"Don’t let American standards damage your African soul"

"My chocolate is elegant. So is what I represent… A nation of warriors" she captions