20 Self Improvement Tips That Will Make You The Best That You Can Ever Be


#11 Read a book

Not many are fans of the library. It doesn’t have to be there. Research shows that reading actually stimulates the mind. How many books have you read so far this year? Zero I suppose. Well finding time to read a book isn’t rocket science. Try this, instead of watching TV till late night, switch off the TV for 1 hour and read that book before you retire to bed. The goal, however, is not to be a book warm but read at least getting that habit. Try to enjoy the book rather than trying to finish it.

#12 Meditate

I know what you thinking. This is not only for monks and Buddha who want are trying to connect to a certain deity. Some see meditation as the complete waste of time but it has shown to help clear thoughts which are a huge part of trying to start a day with a good mood. Next time you wake up sulky and all moody, try meditating for 10 minutes and watch your brain relieve that unwanted stress. There are various forms of meditation, so you are sure to find out the right one for you. Meditating won’t click right away, start small and in the long run, your mind will start getting used to it.

#13 Deal with negative thoughts and emotions

Whatever you feed your mind manifest through action and behavior. It is important to weed out your mind of negative people thoughts. However, you must understand that negative thoughts will always be there, however when we allow them to colonize our head; that’s how we end up having bad days and throwing tantrums. Try to control them; at first, it might be difficult but over time you’ll learn the ropes and controlling what stays in your mind becomes easier. The same applies when you encounter human critic. Most aren’t lashing at you because you made them angry, to the contrary, they might have a really bad day or experiencing some really tough situations. They take it out on you as a way to cool off.

#14 Push through tough times

Tough times don’t last forever. You will stumble, fall and sometimes life will be tough but you keep pushing through. Giving up is out of the question if you want to continue growing. This resilience is an active ingredient in building great character. The next time you encounter the same challenge, you will be amazed at how you excel in the same. However, don’t pile everything on you once. Learn to fight and live to fight tomorrow. Take it one day at a time.

#15 Accept change

They say change is the only permanent thing in the universe. Nothing in life is forever, so instead of torturing yourself try to embrace that new outlook. The sooner you accept that change happens, the best you will be.

#16 Accept the past

Accepting your past is part of learning what happened. What is done is done and should remain there. The only thing you can do is learn from the experience end soldier on. Life is too interesting to live in the past. If you never learn to do that, you will always be caught up in your past skeletons and you might never grow as a person as your past will always keep pulling you back. Let go of the past and focus on the good things happening to your life in the present.

#17 Give needlessly

Give without expecting back, it’s one of the greatest joy of mankind. Be it food, money, a place to stay or water to drink. You contribute to making this world a better place for everyone, it feels incredibly good. Volunteer in some form of charity, you can give your service if not material things.

#18 Find a mentor

Find someone who’s successful in any field you wish. Someone you greatly admire and look up to. You will learn that most people are willing and ready to teach anyone who approaches them in a nice way. You will learn plenty of personal traits and habits that make one successful in your field of choice.

#19 Surround yourself with positive minds

This is the toughest tip to implement. The old adage, show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are can never be truer. A person is an average of the people he surrounds himself with. If you hang around successful people you will ultimately become successful. If you encourage negative people, you will become a loser like them, that’s just how it is.

#20 Reflect on your accomplishments

At the end of the day, sit down and think of your daily achievement. Was it a good day? Is there something you could have done better? All this goes into self-evaluation as you try to gauge the good and the bad things. You might even spin the negative into positive thoughts. While doing this remember things done in the heat of the moment look quite the opposite of those done while reflecting. Avoid being controlled by your emotions. If you can diligently follow these 20 steps, then you are on your way to personal growth in a way that you could never imagine.