Powerful Illustrations By Koren Shadmi That Show The Sad Reality Of The Our New World

Koren Shadmi is an American artist whose works shine a light on the imperfections of the modern society. Some of his deepest works pose very serious questions to man-kind. Based in Brooklyn, this illustrator and cartoonist have had numerous breakthroughs with his creative works being featured in publications such as the wall street journal, the Boston Globe, the New York Times and ESPN the magazine.

His criticism of modern world has won him several awards in the society of illustrators with his graphic novel being published in France, Italy, Spain, and Israel.  His first English book, In The Flesh, was published by Random House in 2009. Koren’s work was selected for the Best American Comics 2009 anthology edited by Charles Burns. Find some of his best works below.

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#1 The new DNA

#2 Don’t look sideways

#3 Water- resource replacement

#4 Tragic end of a career

#5 Vacation earned by others

#6 Watching With eyes wide shut

#7 Ebb and flow effects