20 Hilarious Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

If you have been following our posts for some time, you must know that we love our share of photos that are not what they seem. I mean, what’s better than a seemingly dirty picture which on second look is completely innocent. Pure sorcery, right? 

Below, we have a collection of 20 such photos.

#1 She is holding a water pipe. You dirty mind.

#2 Looks like Beaker's cousin from the Muppets!

#3 You have to look twice to make sure that the shadow on her leg is not what you're thinking.....

#4 It's just a cute big teddy bear and a microphone.

#5 Definitely not what it seem! The Old man is really sleeping.

#6 Take another look!

#7 This photo will trip you up at a glance.